Wednesday, 10 April 2013

How to Create a Favicon Image, and upload it to Blogger. (EASY)

A Favicon in the little image you see at the top of a new tab, which denotes the page you are viewing. It is also the icon which will appear against a webpage after saving it to your favourites, hence FAVICON, a shortening of the words FAVOURITE ICON. The best image to use for a Favicon is something that will be clear when made smaller (16 x 16 px) Mine is simple stripes in the colours of my blog. Others use their blog button (Blog Buttons covered in a previous post). Any image of any size can be used, so long as it relates to the design of your blog in some way. Making you recognisable. The reason I say "any size" is because the website I am going to direct you to, shrinks any image down to the 16 x 16 pixel mark.

Once you have chosen your image, go to PRODRAW, and simply follow the steps. It takes just a few seconds to convert your image through to a 16 x 16 .ico format mage.

Step one is to choose the file from it's location on your pc, then click upload.

Step two is to select the icon size. It should default to the 16 x 16 size but if it doesn't, select it from the drop down menu. Then click GENERATE IT.

Step three is choosing which level of "sharpening" you would like your image to have. Then click the corresponding "Download This!" Box. It will then be downloaded directly to your pc.

Now that you have your .ico image, you need to go to the "Layout" section of your Blog. You can see in the top left hand corner, the Favicon Field. Click Edit.

Click Remove if there is a file present that you wish to change. Then click "upload" and select your newly created Favicon Image. Click Save and you are done!

It should be visible immediately when you view your blog, but if it is not, you may have to clear your computer's Cache. Each browser type will have a different method of clearing your cache, if you are unfamiliar with this basic task, have a bit of a Google in relation to your browser. Clear your Cache, click F5 on your keyboard (or refresh) and you should have a brand new shiny Favicon!

Enjoy your new-look Favicon and if you have any questions, just ask!

Peace Out!

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